Wheelchair Pants - General Product Information

These pants fit – as long and wherever you sit!

Each and every pair of pants is 100% custom-made to fit your specific measurements and posture.
Our wheelchair pants has been designed to provide maximum comfort while sitting for long periods. It does not work for people standing up and walking.
These pants will fit you like a glove and will keep in shape as you move around in your wheelchair.
All the pants seams around the back are extra flat and soft as well as extra strong. Critical points are strengthened against ripping.
There are no pockets or ornaments around the pants seat. You’ll find pockets where you can use them and ornaments where they can be seen.
All the pants zips are extra strong. The front zip is longer than usual so it can be opened noticeably wider.
The loops for the belt are especially strong, and you’ll have additional loops for holding and pulling while dressing.
As you will want to look cool as well as being comfortable we make sure that all the pockets
are situated along the front of the jeans, thus being practical and decorative and making most of your legs.


Pant Zips

Our metal zips are extra large and can be opened very wide. We only use high quality products. The zips have large strong slides which look good as well as being handy.


Pants Clasps

We use clasps made in Germany as they are the best available.
Double and treble seams guarantee a long-lived product even with constant use and at the points of maximum wear. At the seat the double seams are lined with soft material. There are double seams along the inside of the legs and treble seams outside up to the knee and at the hem.


Real jeans need studs. We always have them lined in soft material on the inside to prevent sores from constant pressure. Obviously there are none on the seat.


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