Your Jeans Are Unique – Just as You!

We deliver quality instead of heading for quantity. So we limit our catalogue to only a few basic models.
  • But on the other hand each pair of jeans is UNIQUE with its own identity.
  • And to top that we offer a wide range of various motifs for creating your very individual pair of jeans.


Of course even our basic model is a treat for sore eyes and something very special – but for us and many of our customers the fun really starts after that.

  • Jeans as an art and craft object – an individual style for an individual person!
  • We use different stencils and prints as well as actually hand-painting the pants.
  • We also use laser technology... and more


You should have a look at our range of possibilities in the catalogue – and we are sure you’ll find something to create your own ultimate personal jeans-style!

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