The Height of Fashion and Comfort

Our aim is to dress each customer individually as well as fashionably and perfectly.

We guarantee top jeans which will really fit you. We don’t go for short cuts or scrimping while producing our jeans. Materials and cut both are very trendy.

But please keep in mind that not every trend will fit everybody. What will look great on a display dummy in the shop window might look quite different on a real person. We certainly are no display dummies but highly individual beings. So our second skin should be individual as well.

In our experience we have found that very skinny people or people with thin legs are best of wearing loosely fitting pants and a tighter garment for the upper body. More stoutly built people look better dressed in a tighter type of jeans in combination with a loose top.

Please don’t panic about XXL – as we tailor the jeans to your personal measurements they won’t ever look like an oversized potato sack. Instead even larger sizes are well shaped and will look good. And they will be comfortable, too: no pinching or squeezing, promised!

Classic jeans should fit tight. Anyone opting for an extra comfy fit should go for some fabric containing elastic or for our stretch jeans. You can wear wide or tight tops with these models.
If in any doubt don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are always there and take the time to advise you. There’s a solution to every problem, and together we’ll find it! If you are not sure we can even supply a rough first pattern before setting to work seriously.

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