How to Become a Franchising Partner

Anybody agreeing with our aims and our work can become a Rolling Elephant business partner and get trained with our franchising system – for instance to work in customer service.

The Rolling Elephants Company fashions  unique products for unusual people.

According to their personal measurements and special needs every customer gets a unique pair of jeans with perfect fit, 100 custom made and individually tailored. We concentrate on close contact with our customers. We listen to their wishes or needs in order to achieve optimum satisfaction. Thus the customers influence our product and determine what we sell. People with disability run preliminary tests concerning comfortable fit and everyday suitability. So the various types of jeans get judged as well by employees as also by customers. Generally we prefer to pick physically challenged people for our service department as they obviously can understand best the customers’ needs and problems.

Our business is a YOU-AND-WE business. We firmly believe that WE can profit only as long as YOU profit as well!

If you can see yourself as an independently and responsibly working business partner and if you like our products and our philosophy – why not join us?

Nobody can expect us to be perfect. But you can expect us to give our best. And that’s what we’ll do!
This is our company’s motto. And we invite you to adopt it for yourself, especially in this cold and perfection-adoring world we live in. It is more than easy to loose self confidence and courage because permanent youth, and strength, and glamour, and success are demanded everywhere and anytime. So – for all those who obviously don’t and can’t comply with this demand – this motto might be quite relaxing.
But it also should encourage you to accept yourself and to live your own full life.

You Rolling Elephants Team


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