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100% Made to Measure

Our jeans are tailored to the needs of people sitting down. They won’t fit anybody walking or standing!
We are confident you’ll be happy with your new pants. If you have any queries beforehand just e-mail us with information how to contact you. We’ll immediately call back without charge. We work entirely according to your specifications and requirements.
For any particulars not yet included in our program you can fill in the online form under the heading EXTRAS or else order by phone. Our specialists – wheelchair users themselves – will be delighted to assist with your questions.

Measuring Service

You can also ask for personal assistance in taking measures, and consultation in your home. These extra services are carried out mainly by our freelance helpers, so payments have to be made directly to them. We don’t gain anything from these services.

The Index Number

Your new pair of jeans is unique and gets a personal index number which you will find on your pants. Also your jeans get registered with that number in our files so the measurements and specifications can be retrieved any time. This means you can always order another pair of your favourite model even after years.
If you wish we can also attach your name or any text to your jeans. There’s no limit to your imagination and a name might come in useful if you live in a community with other wheelchair users and want your own jeans back after laundry... there have been cases...

Straight From the Laundry

After completion and final check we wash and iron each pair of jeans and double check for any defect. This means that you can put on your jeans straight away as soon as the postman delivers them.

Our Environmental Impact Rating System

We inform our customers as fully as possible about the environmental impact resulting by the manufacture of our various products. The environmental impact rating system helps you opt for a model you can feel happy about.


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